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The Black Albino

When the departed never really departs,

Have you ever listened to a song called, " Ironic " by Alanis Morissette before?

" an old man turned ninety eight ,

he won the lottery, and died the next day.. "

Anyone? I bet this will do sound familiar to alot of ppl out there. Some will be even able to tell u tales bout how they actuali TASTED irony, to some extent, in their own lives.
I cant help it now but to think of a song no other than this one to fit perfectly, albeit harsh and upsetting to say da least, on to this whole life thing Im about to write on.

It was just 4 midnights ago.
I was wikipedia-ing into Selena Quintanilla-Perez. More famously n fondly remembered simply as Selena thruout her lifetime. Now, I didn know why or how did I that night suddenly stumbled onto the idea of rememberin her controversial death and her the big legacy she left behind. I guess the most fitting reason was that her song " Dreaming of You " came to play on my itunes that night. And so there was a knee-jerk reaction in me to go look up her story of her life again and how this song shot to prominence after her death, only after so long I had her this song on my playlist for years since I was in high school now.

To date, I used to remember vaguely that she was gunned down by someone n it was before the release of her new n what would also be her last album. Only after her death did the single Dreaming Of You came out officially n everyone in the US missed and grieved for her so much this song instantly became a cult-hit. Not to say this isn a good song though.
But after checkin thoroughly through records n after much wikipedia then I repolished all that I knew bout her I got to know that she was a very very big mega latino genre star in the latin music scene in the US n that she started out singin at a very young age at the streets, trained n managed by her dad. Right before she died, she released a full english album, something she'd always aspired to do, mayb in order for her to break into a US mainstream n gained full international recognition ( she was already a household name in the US by dat time, very very popular, dubbed the *Latin Madonna* ).
And how did she died?
She was killed by the President of Her own Official fan club.
The first fan who proposed the idea of opening the fan club to her ( rumored to be a lesbian ).
Ironic? Tell that to your god.

Time when I have finished readin up her stories that night, it was already approx 4 am in the midnight. I heard loud clamourin thunder sounds from the outside and rain started to pour down. Because of the continuous strong lightnings that night I pulled plug n went to bed. Bearin in mind sleepin that rarely it has there been heavy rains accompanied by loud thunders at midnights for da past half a year.

The next morning I wake up, He was dead.


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