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Don't Forget To Remember

So far,

It has never occured to me to reali talk this particular incident to anybody any friend any one literally.

The sudden urge, along with all the flow of adrenaline rush nabbing the senses of mind together got the better of me to recall and to in a way immortalize this memory into a memento by ironically,penning it all down in a virtual diary of mine, than to convey it verbally to one.

I know a lot of stories start this same way with the authors saying I've only told this person or this other person, probably for the sole reason of being ridiculed. Maybe I don't tell it for this reason, but I feel it is more because of the curiousity and the questioning of the unexplained that it stirs in me stil when I ponder the event.

Or rather, for the fear of I'd actually embarassingly missed out on the press or the news concernin the event Ive encountered , with everyone else knowin the true fact but me.and Therefore, nvr had I discuss this wif anyone else.

I'll start my encounter now :

No different from any other weekdays, I was on my daily routine - rise early, get prepared for school. It was stil the days of 2ndary schooling, some where in btween Form 4 or 5.So this experience goes some 3, 4 years back.

Dawn was breakin into the day, and the clock would be pointin at about 5.55 am on my wristwatch.Yes, the sky was stil dark, the sun was yet to rise and like the sayin goes, the night is darkest before dawn.

And so, I boarded on my school bus (How r u Uncle Joseph). Every mornin, I would always be the 2nd kid my bus driver Joseph would pick up right after Derek Khoo from Westpool Park.
The atmosphere would b dead quiet inside the bus and Derek and I would stil usually be half awake half asleep. Just 3 of us, no one would mutter a word in that big raunchy orange bus.

Then, came the moment. The bus was well on its way to Wah Keong Park. As my heavy puffy eyes blink thru the same daily slideshow of sightseeing off the same endless journey to school, a sudden flash of blinding green light blankets the sky !
A few more flashes would follow. And the black sky consequently turned into green which vividly reminds me of the gamma waves radiates off the Hulk. Everythin in sight would be in green !

No sound, albeit I was anticipatin a similiar clamourin sound of thunder which would follow suit right after the flash of lights though. Only silence was heard.It was just like an old mute b&w film roll-played.

All the peculiar change in a matter of mere seconds.It lasted for about a minute or 2. Gradually the sky colours itself back to the dawn sky. By now, I was wide awake.

No one spoke a word. I guess we were stil tryin to digest the inexplicable happenin. Joseph was stil drivin and pickin up the rest along the way to school.

Neither have I spoken to Derek about it somehow. As odd as it sounds, I just seem to shrugged it off and think nothin of it really and got on with my day. Til today.

I have tried to remember all the details to give a good perspective of what I encountered. By writing this down also carries a hope in expectation mayb some one would shed some "green light" (not that green light) on me and enlighten me better still if they had witnessed the same occurance on that fateful morning.

Perhaps it was the purely the act of nature, or the Law of Physics can get me fathom further.A blow from a nuclear reactor breakdown? Alien invasion ?
( cant help it but this reminds me strongly on the urban legend of the aliens that resides among us and UFO crash that is hidden by the US military as a secret that is ROSWELL which had really taken place in Roswell, New Mexico, USA.)

Or mayb it was just me n my sleepy imaginary head(tell me Im silly) on that sleepy morning.

Nevertheless, Ill b the first to admit it was a spectacular viewing all the same and an experience one will find difficult to forget.

Gimme a clue,
Be my guest.

Don't X-files me.

7 of your 2 cents':

chingy said...

Hmm, interesting. :D
Perhaps you could find back Derek Khoo and ask him? =D

Fui said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love this post!

Disnyie said...

chingy, well i haven been intouch wif Derek for years d tbh.
fui, thank you. lol n gareth barry will come da american yanks told me.

Anonymous said...

Dennis, WHERE ARE THE TELETUBIES PICS??? ahahahahaha!!!

nice post btw, nah.. give you 2 cents.. can buy burger king ad.. but i dowan the onion ring..

tjin said...

i thot wat emo post u gonna write from the title..
nice pics..i agree with chingy go find Derek la.find out the 'truth'.

Disnyie said...

lol teletubies abducted by da aliens d last night. tmrw da newspaper will have da news.
Derek ar, i think hes trainin to b a jockey now.
n tjin, like i sed. haven been in touch wif him for years d.
haha anyhow guys meet u all this sat ok

Skywalker said...

i remember a frenz of mine told me her encounter at Genting Highland when she's spending holidays with her frenz.. They was walking past some blocks of apartments, then somehow they suddenly sort of like entering a place fully surrounding by 'green air' when they past 1 of d apartment ... THen after past that area, everything seems back to normal with d green air thing disappear ...

So wat i could say for ur this unique experience is that, u probably came across another dimension of universe at that particular time n space..

There're lots of things in this world still beyond explanation of mankind's scientific knowledge *up to this moment* ...

Juz dun hold it against urself.
And always pray hard.


Skywalker a.k.a. Life_House