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Can't Let Go.

When you told me to not forget to remember to come home and see you again before I leave the country and you said that you wish you would be able to see me on my very own wedding day as the day comes when Ill finally be a man for you said that you believe your days were numbered,I never for one believed that you would actually leave me this soon. That I stil very much believed that you'd stil be here and around with me cos I was stil able to envision my future whereby I would be able to take my own children out on sundays to see you. I guess that is why people call it taking things for granted. Nothing's quite the same now as I say your name.

Rest In Peace

All my prayers and thoughts are with you all and you will always be remembered and loved.
Cast all your fears aside, for you are finally freed from the earthly mortal pain
and I believe you will find your way to the path onto the outstretched warm reaching hands of God.
Also, I grief and am sorry for the loss of his son.
May everyone take comfort in knowing that on so many levels your hearts and influence live on for you have touched so many lives directly and indirectly.
I will keep a picture of you in me.
For always.

to show my utmost and heartfelt gratitude howsoever it ought to be an endless one.

Thank you for being there for me
Thank you for guiding me to all that is right
Thank you for bringing me up
Thank you for I was held in your arms
Thank you for being there for my mom and my family
Thank you for being there for my brother
Thank you for loving my mother
Thank you for being there to ensure my mom is safe when her child was bore that was me
Thank you for takin that cab and goin the extra mile to reach out for her and just to see myself enter onto this world safely and healthy
Thank you for showing me the
way to everythin else
Thank you for makin me laugh
Thank you for I was spoonfed by you
Thank you for lighting up the candles when it was dark
Thank you for protectin me from the bad
Thank you for makin me smile again when I cried
Thank you for taking me out to see the dusk
Thank you for taking me out to see "ngau ngau"
Thank you for baring the child that is my mom
Thank you for bringing up my mom although and all through all the thick and thin and takin all the hardships in your stride.
Thank you for having vacations and holidays with me
Thank you for making me understand what is the true meaning of a grandmother is all about
Thank you for letting me sleep under your delicate care and in your arms
Thank you for changing my life
Thank you for tryin to give the world to anyone you have always loved
Thank you for wearing your heart out on your sleeve for us all
Thank you for being my sole and only true grandparent
Thank you for making my Chinese New Years merrier and filled with love and care
Thank you for having me looking forward to special festive occasions each and every year
Thank you for all the wrong that you made right
Thank you for keepin the family together
Thank you for not forsaking anythin everythin that is good
Thank you for embracing and enduring all the challenges that came your family's way
Thank you for being my inspiration
Thank you for makin me believe
Thank you for being one of the best that I will ever have had in my life and I just know it.
Thank you for loving me
Thank you for being just you

Yet ultimately
I am sorry
Sorry for not being able to be there to hold you and keep you warm and shield you from the cold of rain and the feeling of fear

and most of all,
Sorry for not being by your side during the last minutes of your time.

" I did not see the thief that lived inside of your head, but I know could've been some courage at the side of your bed"

I will try to stay strong
I will keep the tears fallin but behind my eyes
for as long as I could.
eventhough I may not be ready for tomorrow

Like sand on my feet, like the smell of sweet perfume
You will be etched into my memories forever
I know you will always be up there
Lookin out for me.
Watching over us.

Leave me here with your light.
As I continue to grow.

Most of all, I love you grandma and I'll miss you.

nuhc rak hoh, apnarg, manarg

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